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  • Name, Logo & Webdesign


Intranet Design

  • Unified brand experience
  • Fostering corporate culture
  • Knowledge management
  • Always find the most up-to-date information, policy, customer information, sales decks, legal requirements, industry guidelines, announcements, from anywhere at any time.




Intranet Design for Tamedia AG

  • The personalized brand experience: personalized dashboard and content to deliver secure information to the right employees at the right time.
  • Wiley, longtime head of design for Google’s search products, says, “Beauty itself has utility. That was a big part of our internal recognition. What beauty brings to function is hierarchy, what’s related to each other, and how things are related.”
  • News ticker, news articles and deployment of social networking features
  • Intranet search and employee directory search interactions. Always find the most up-to-date information, policy, customer information, sales decks, legal requirements, industry guidelines, announcements, from anywhere at any time.





Financial Sector

Websystem for SFAMA

  • New brand design experience
  • Websystem with membership communications
  • Document management
  • Events management
  • Email Newsletter
  • Introduction, training and acceptance for new application
  • Portfolio-SFAMA
  • SFAMA-colorschema-sm

Websystem for SKSF

  • New brand design experience
  • Information architecture
  • Websystem with content and document management
  • Introduction, training and acceptance for new application
  • Project management
  • Portfolio-SKSF1
  • Portfolio-SKSF2
  • 08-verticalNav-home-vertical-nav
  • sksf_web_architecture_nov27

Designs for Swiss Banking Association

  • One Voice mobile app design
  • Unblogged logo design
  • Blogging platform design
  • Design for featured content (topics) & blog visuals
  • Streamlined and de-cluttered home page
  • Designs for new features/functions
  • SBA-Future re-launch website with CMS
  • SBA-Future screen design
  • SBA-Future screen design
  • Mobile App Design

Information Communications Technology

Swiss Software Firm

  • Unified brand management and marketing
  • Marketing mix, including social media
  • Including e-newsletter blasts

  • 6-CD-4tw-firmenpr
  • 4tw-stand
  • 4teamwork Casestudy
  • PloneCover-S
  • 4teamwork Collateral

Swiss Software

  • Software: User Interface Design
  • Leave behinds & marketing material
  • Product concepts
  • Online marketing, website design & content
  • Email marketing
  • teamraum collateral
  • teamraum
  • eGov Platform: Intranet, Extranet, Project Management & Document Management


From analyzing & concept to achievement

With your industry competence and knowledge of your customers, we strive to create rich internet applications and web-based systems that communicate to your target audiences and add value to your brand or product.

Focus on usability and content

We strive to create engaging, compelling screen designs that are easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to navigate. Our designs are friendly – user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and search-friendly.

Technology – the motor for every online communication

CMS} EMS} DMS} Intranet} BLOG} Mobile}
Python, Plone, Django, PostgreSQL
PHP, WordPress, MySQL

We work in line with your business strategy, agile and transparent.

  • Plone CMS Websystem for Basler Ballett Gilde
  • Plone CMS Websystem for University of Geneva
  • Plone CMS web design
  • Centrist Party - Communication - Plone Web System
  • Plone CMS web design for teamraum collaboration application
  • Monitor_webWorks-4tw
  • Websystem SFAMA
  • Plone CMS & DMS design
  • Plone CMS web design for Plone conference Budapest
  • Plone CMS web design for Wetzikon
  • sba
  • sba-2
  • web-blog
  • Monitor_web-Roud-750
  • Website design and CMS for Darshana's Kitchen vegan food
  • Website design for architect
  • Website and Logo for Neuroosteopathie in St. Blasien
  • Plone CMS Websystem
  • Monitor_web-Baselships-750
  • Websystem with Plone
  • Monitor_web-Garda-750
  • Name-, Logo- & Webdesign
  • Name, Logo & Webdesign


 EU Diabetes Report

Eu Diabetes Report

Marketing Collateral, Photo Shoot, Ads, for Product Launch, CH

  • PI_visaid_cove2r
  • PI_photoshoot-flame
  • PI_photoshoot-balloon

Logo Design & Corporate Identity, Marketing Collateral, Ads, Trade Shows, Websystem

  • Jrenum Logo and Icon
  • Jrenum Logo
  • Jrenum Collateral

Publishing Sector

Managing Publishing

  • Logo design
  • Development and production supervising  in India: hard/soft covers & coffee table books
  • Creating the set up for print on demand
  • Book design for Germany and USA
  • Development & managing distribution in India

Coffee table book for St. Martins Press, NY and Urania Verlag, Germany. Image research for this project was very special as it included meeting personally with renowned Indian photographers such as Raghu Rai in Delhi.

Management for Rebel Publishing House, India: team management (HR), design, typesetting, production (over 45 Titles), marketing and distribution management.

  • Lyra Books
  • Lyra Books
  • IML-cover
  • IML-rural
  • IML-holy-cow
  • IML-henna

  • Osho_Zen-Live_S
  • Osho_Zeb-Thunder_S
  • Osho_UtoC_S
  • Osho_msg-S
  • Shiva Moon - World Music
  • Shiva Moon - World Music

Some Companies We’ve Worked With

We’ve had the pleasure to work together with some remarkable brands.




ArThemis Art-Law Centre University of Geneva



4teamwork GmbH, Bern


National Academy of Sciences